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With an accurate real time search, you will be able to see homes that are actually for sale.  There are many home buying real estate sites out there.

Did you know that though they claim to have an accurate list of homes they are actually delayed in obtaining actual data?

With speaking with a real estate professional like myself, I can provide you an accurate, detailed list of homes along with market data for the neighborhood and city of your home of interest.

So whether you live local here in Arizona or you are relocating using my home search option is actually the best option. 

It saves time in finding an active home on market, it’s less frustration of being let down when you hear that that particular home is not available. 

Best Home Buying Tip

But the absolute most important step is to get pre-qualified.  

There are a number of loan programs available whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned home buyer. 

Getting pre-qualified will allow you to know your:

  • Minimum & Maximum Price Point
  • Your Down Payment Options
  • Your Estimated Closing Costs
  • Narrowing Your Search Areas
  • Getting Specific on Your Amenities


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