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Most Craved Home Buyer Upgrades

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Written by Felisha McGiboney

With the recent change in the market buyers and sellers are seeing the adjustments needed to complete a successful transaction. For homeowners, getting top dollar is the goal. For home buyers, getting the most for their money spent is at the TOP of the list.

So whether you are searching for a home or about to list your home to sell, here is a list of the most craved upgrades provided by home sellers and wanted by home buyers.

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Want to Get The BEST Price For Your Home

Gilbert Home Buyers, Buy Felisha Arizona Realtor 

This article is an article that will build confidence in the abilities and the efforts I personally put forth for my clients. My goal in my job as a real estate agent isn’t just to find clients homes and help negotiate a close of the transaction. It is also important for me to have educated clients as well. The more you are educated on the process, the more equipped and confident you will be during the homeownership journey.

If you are a current homeowner and are looking at possibly selling your home or a homebuyer looking for your new home, then consider me as your quality professional REALTOR.  My expertise, knowledge, honesty and diligence pay off for clients whether they are home buyers or sellers. The article below will help you when the time comes to determine the right price to list your home or in determining the right price to offer for your future home.

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Do You Look Like A Home Buyer Or A Home Seller?

Buy Felisha AZ Realtor    Buying and Selling a Home is one of the Biggest Decisions you will make. It takes 2 Top Resources that are important in our personal lives and that is Time & Money. Yet it has been proven with enough desire and vision of seeing the results from such an investment as homeownership, an individual confidently will take the first steps in achieving such goals.

With fear, the lack of knowledge and insecurity,  a potential home buyer or home seller may refrain from pursuing taking a step into the real estate market. What can help change the fear, increase the knowledge and secure the feelings?

You’ve heard the phrase: “Don’t Believe Everything you read on the internet?” 

A typical generalized search for information can lead to inaccurate data that then causes the about-face turn away from a promising financial move in real estate.

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