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Most Craved Home Buyer Upgrades

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Written by Felisha McGiboney

With the recent change in the market buyers and sellers are seeing the adjustments needed to complete a successful transaction. For homeowners, getting top dollar is the goal. For home buyers, getting the most for their money spent is at the TOP of the list.

So whether you are searching for a home or about to list your home to sell, here is a list of the most craved upgrades provided by home sellers and wanted by home buyers.

  • HIGH CEILINGS: 8-foot ceilings are doable but not desirable. The openness 9ft, 10ft even 13ft ceilings offer is a feature that at times may be inquired of before the square footage of the home.


  • RETRACTABLE GLASS: The continuous sliding doors to outdoor living or the sliding glass office doors are gaining more popularity. Homes that have had the french doors. Opening up rooms or temporarily joining the indoor living with the outdoor envisions the ease of home lifestyle.


  • MORE GARAGE SPACE: More indoor car accommodations is a need as there are more multi-generational families and in-state college students living at home while attending school. So a tandem 3 car garages, 3 bay garages, and even 4 car garages are desirable in today’s market.


  • SMART HOME SYSTEMS: Control your home from the touch of a button only adds to the desire of convenience living. Having your thermostat, front doorbell, surround sound, garage door opener and even your alarm clock is more popular. These types of upgrades are not just for the luxury market. Homes that are on the market are starting to have some of these as standard amenities.


  • NEUTRAL DECOR: Light and bright is in. The light grays and neutral floors are what are drawing the eye. No longer are heavy drapes, dark permanent furniture pieces or dark paint a not as popular as they used to be.

A good piece of advice is, to prevent market gaps consider what you are able to bring to the negotiation prior to list or making an offer to purchase a home. If you need a little professional and experienced help, I would be happy to meet and discuss your specific options.


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