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Do You Look Like A Home Buyer Or A Home Seller?

Buy Felisha AZ Realtor    Buying and Selling a Home is one of the Biggest Decisions you will make. It takes 2 Top Resources that are important in our personal lives and that is Time & Money. Yet it has been proven with enough desire and vision of seeing the results from such an investment as homeownership, an individual confidently will take the first steps in achieving such goals.

With fear, the lack of knowledge and insecurity,  a potential home buyer or home seller may refrain from pursuing taking a step into the real estate market. What can help change the fear, increase the knowledge and secure the feelings?

You’ve heard the phrase: “Don’t Believe Everything you read on the internet?” 

A typical generalized search for information can lead to inaccurate data that then causes the about-face turn away from a promising financial move in real estate.

With the help of a professional real estate professional, like myself you are able to walk into your real estate decision with confidence, knowledge and security. I’m big on educating my clients throughout the process. It starts from day one of our Buyer’s Consultation and our Seller’s Home Consultation. Terms, requirements and timelines etc are discussed in detail.

A client should know exactly what they are getting themselves into. So no blind faith and no singing your ‘should’ve, would’ve could’ve’ sad bar song. If you are unsure at the moment if you fit into the category of purchasing or selling your home, let’s set up a time to go over the details of what is needed and what opportunities you have at your fingertips, so that you can make the best decision with a great resource, Me.

Check out the statistics below from National Association of Realtors. Also, feel free to call, text or message me to get started on becoming a Savvy Home Buyer or Elite Home Seller Today.  So do you look like a 2018 Buyer or Seller?

Take a look at some of the 2017 Real Estate Profile Statistics-

Taken from the statistic from the US Buyer and Seller Profile of National Association of Realtors:

Home Buyers:

  • Typical Age in 2017 of Home Buyers: A typical age of home buyers in 2017  was 45 years of age (this peak only reached one other time in 2011)
  • Female Single Buyers Increase 18%
  • First Time Home Buyers: 34% of all home buyers – a decrease from the previous year at 35%
  • Home Buyers Using a Real Estate Agent: 87% of Buyers purchased their Home through a real estate agent

Home Sellers:

  • Typical Home Seller Age: 55 years old ( Increase from the age of 45 in 2009)
  • How Long Do Sellers Live in Their Homes: Approximately 10 years
  • Approximate Median Days On Market(Nationwide): 3 Weeks
  • Home Sellers Using a Professional REALTOR: 89% for home sellers used a real estate agent to sell their home.

Looking for a change you’re living situation in 2018?  The first step is speaking to your real estate professional aka “Me.”  This consultation is where we will strategize your Home Buying or Home Selling Game Plan.  I assist you in connecting with the right resources as well as educating you on the next steps to look for. As a professional advocate for you, I want your homeownership journey to be a smooth one.