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Homes For Sale In Gilbert, Arizona

Homes For Sale In Gilbert

Frequently Asked Question About Gilbert, Arizona

1. Where is Gilbert, Arizona?

The friendly city of Gilbert is located in Arizona’s Southeast Valley. It is just off the South 202 freeway and about 10 minutes from the 60 freeway. It is a historic town that has kept up with the growth of it’s popularity. 

2. How far is Gilbert from Phoenix, Arizona?

Gilbert is 12 miles or 35 min from Phoenix, AZ.  Residents would just hop on the South 202 or the 60 freeways and travel West.  If traveling by air, Gilbert residents are not far from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Yet for quick air travels to various cities and vacation spots the Phoenix – Mesa Gateway Airport is just 10 min away.

3. What Are the School Districts in Gilbert?

Gilbert is home to a few school districts with schools ranging from primary to secondary. Also, there are various charter and private schools as well. 

  • Gilbert Public School District
  • Higley Unified School District

4. How Much Do Homes Cost in Gilbert?

Being a Popular City for Residents due to it being rated the 2nd Safest City in 2016 and rated No. 2 as the a city that Millennials want to own a home(57% own in 2016), Gilbert homes sales have increase since 2016 (8.36% for November).  

So Here are the approximate 2017 Median Home Sold Price: 

2017 Median Sold Price(Nov 2017): $310,000

If you would like to see what home loan you would qualify for in Gilbert, the first step would be to get a pre- approval with a professional lender. This is a painless and timely procedure. Once you have your qualifying loan amount, then we can start finding your perfect home. 

5. How Do I Buy A Home In Gilbert?

Buying a home can be a smooth transition and a enjoyable adventure with the right real estate team by your side.

Step 1: The first step and actually the most important step is to get pre- qualified by a professional lender.

As your REALTOR and real estate advocate, I am more than happy to provide you with a few qualified loan officers that you can choose from. 

Learn More About the First Steps For Home Buyers Here.

Also, contact me today to get started in your pre- qualification process:


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