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Find Your Decor Style

I’ve had many styles in the homes I’ve owned over the years. I started out as a true ‘trial and error’ type of first-time decorator.Looking back it was pretty comical. Good thing I have very few photos.

I remember going paint- color crazy in my first home. It looked like a box of Crayola crayons. Lol! Our first home was a home of many colors; and thems. Yes, themes that ranged from an ocean-themed powdered room to a decal victorian eating area.

Another home I faux finished like it was nobody’s business. The home improvement store’s paint department supplied a number of Oops Paints. I watched many DIY shows and the ideas just flowed. It was an improvement from our first home attempt(at least my husband said so). It was an adventure of color texture, to say the least.

As I delve more into learning what suited the hubby and I, we started to find decor and design elements that really suited Us. Finding the styles and pieces that we personally felt drawn to and were comfortable with became easier. So the homes after that we could update and decorate with more confidence and ease.

Here are 5 Tips we stick to or try to at least, with making our style our own:

1. Include Natural Items

Including natural elements helps in creating a warm and cozy space.  Bringing a little outside in gives a bit more life to your home and space. Adding items like fresh flowers, branches, or tall grassy stems will give your home the extra homey you’re looking for. 

2. Add an Interest Piece

Including investment pieces in each space can updgrade the look of a room. It becomes the focal point and can be a great conversation piece. Note, that your interest piece need not be expensive. It should be of value to you though. Something you treasure. For example, a precious gift from a family member or friend. 

3. Include Multiple Textures

Varying up your choice decor items adds depth and interest to a space. It helps the eye move with ease. It also can direct the eye to focal points within the room. 

4. Add a Feature

Adding in feature design pieces makes a visual statement for the room. It can also round out the design and balance out the space.  Feature items can include items like a headboard, board & batten, or molding and trim work. An accent wall is always a good starting point as well. 

5. Know Your Personal Style

There are so many ideas out there that you could implement into your home. The best piece of advice I learned over the years of searching for my style is: Your style should work for you and your family and your lifestyle. It should allow you to feel comfortable and at home. It should scream you. 

Style For Comfort Not Fad

In all make sure the decor items and features you choose for your home are pieces that speak to your lifestyle. There are seasonal fads that come and go. Make sure before choosing a style that you’ll be happy with it for the long haul. Why do I say that?

You want your space to grow with your memories. You want each space to withstand the new adventures you bring into your home, from family to friendly gatherings.  So be sure what you choose will be timeless for the chapter memories you add to you home.