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Who Is Buy Felisha?

“You’ll Never Say Bye Felicia, You’ll Just Buy OR Sell With Felisha “

Hello You! My name is Felisha McGiboney. 

Building relationships that last longer than the closing day is what I enjoy most in my real estate career. Each client has made an impression on my life and I thrive to always have a positive impact in theirs.

Making sure that I understand my clients’ needs very quickly, allows me to navigate their home sale or home purchase smoothly to Signing Day.”

Knowledge is Power, so I also make it a priority that my clients are always in ‘the know’ throughout their transaction process. With attention to detail and a ‘think outside of the box‘ attitude, I’m always observant of what the real estate market is doing, how it can affect my clients and what I can do to make each process and transaction a success for my customers.
Though I am originally from Southern Oregon, I have lived in a total of four states including Arizona. I’ve enjoyed living here for some years now with my husband and fur baby Rosie (aka the family dog). I have a love for the arts, music and enjoy events centered on those as much as time permits. I also enjoy cooking and baking along with spending time outdoors.


If a client feels their real estate dreams are full of lemons, I will help them see how they can have Sweet Homemade Lemonade with the right mind set and focus on making their home dreams come true.

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Buy Felisha Arizona Realtor
Buy Felisha AZ Realtor
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Why I Became a Realtor?

I have a number of years of experience buying and selling real estate.

During the many moves my husband and I have had made, I often took on the responsibility of listing our homes on the market.  We had gone back and forth, deciding whether or not to use a Realtor or not. This was actually before I became licensed.

Taking on the responsibility of being a FSBO at first was exciting and motivating. I was responsible of taking the staging pictures, marketing and showing the home.  Yet there was much more to the fun ventures of showing a home than taking pictures and showing it.

Buy Felisha Arizona Realtor

With the last and ONLY time we ever tried to sell our home on our own, we received multiple offers with various contingencies. Sounds great, right?

Receiving these offers showed we presented and marketed the home well. having the multiple offers and not understanding a number of the stipulations included, we then became overwhelmed and fearful of making a costly mistake. 

 That is when we decided to seek the help of a Realtor.  They answered all of our questions regarding the details of each offer made.  We were glad we made the decision to retain the services of a skilled and experienced Realtor. It paid off and greatly reduced the stress and increased the closing price for our home. 

From that point on, I became more educated in the real estate market and real estate contracts. Upon arriving in Arizona I took action and became a licensed real estate professional. So I am experienced in both worlds of being a For Sale By Owner and a REALTOR. 

There are so many details that need to be considered when beginning your home buying or selling process.  I completely understand the feeling and fears of being a buyer and a seller.

Being an agent who can empathize in this area is another reason why I became a Realtor.  I can relate.  I truly do understand.